Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Green is Your Museum? A Call for Case Studies

Rachel Madan, director of Greener Museums, is working on Sustainable Museums: Strategies for the 21st Century, a book being published by MuseumsEtc in November, 2010. Rachel has worked with many U.S. and U.K. organizations including Tate, the (UK Government's) Department of Culture Media & Sport, National Museums Liverpool and the National Library of Scotland. The book aims to “provide a system which enables museum professionals to start making changes that are both transformational and lasting. Its approach aims to help create museums which are resilient, confident and secure in their approach to sustainability.”

Rachel is looking for museums to profile in order to illustrate the following themes (bonus points for new, innovative and successful practices!)

  • Leadership on sustainability from senior management, including the Director and Trustees. 
  • The ability of staff members to influence policy on sustainability.
  • The activities of "green champions".
  • How sustainability is effectively managed within the organisation.
  • How sustainability performance is assessed, and data collected and reported.
  • How your museum's sustainability strategy was developed.
  • How your museum has set and achieved targets and milestones related to sustainability.
  • How your museum has created policies and plans to support your efforts to improve sustainability.
  • How your museum effectively communicates internally on sustainability.
  • How your museum effectively communicates externally on sustainability.
  • Other successful and innovative initiatives in the field of sustainability.
You can send an abstract proposing a case study to
Deadline: Sept. 12, 2010

Format: Abstract (300 word limit) and biographical note (up to 150 words).

You'll be notified by Sept. 17 if your proposal is accepted.

Contact information for this project:
Rachel Madan
Director, Greener Museums

Graeme Farnell
Publisher, MuseumsEtc Ltd

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