Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musing: All the World's a Museum

Due to a technical glitch last week's Dispatches from the Future of Museums is coming out later today. When it does appear in your in-box, take a look at this article:

Gulf Business reports that Dubai's ruler has directed that art museums be included in each of the emirate's metro stations, in order to "inspire and communicate with every employee on his way to work, every student on his way to pursuing education and every tourist visiting Dubai." 

I'm already a fan of museums embedded in the world, particularly the transportation grid. I am fond of hanging out in museums in airports, which Max Anderson has described as "ideal sites for viewing art. Taking museums to where people are lowers psychological as well as economic barriers to entry. Maybe ubiquitous museums will help position museums in popular consciousness as basic amenities available to all, rather than just as destinations or something "I know I ought to enjoy but have never tried." 

Museums in the metro could be the food trucks of the museum world, nurturing curiosity and adventurous taste, priming people to try new things in bricks & mortar restaurants/museums. I hope my Monday Musing prompts one of your own: where would you like to find a mini-museum, a small oasis of art or culture, embedded in your weekly routine?


Effie said...

My favorite metro museum is in Athens. As they were digging for the Metro in preparation for the olympics, they came across antiquities. So they simply embedded them in the train stations. They also display contemporary Greek artists.

The Alliance's Center for the Future of Museums said...

Lovely example, Effie, thanks for sharing the link.

Rachel Ropeik said...

Paris is the first thing that comes to mind for this. They've got so many stations whose decor is an art project itself, and they also commission contemporary artists to install in stations ( as well as display replicas of Louvre objects in the Louvre-Rivoli station.