Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Glamorous Glucose

#wearabletech #diabetes #fashion

Follow the link in the photo caption to the associated story. You can find more glimpses of the future (and links) on CFM's Pinterest Boards

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Tracey said...

Glad that diabetes and wearable tech is finally getting some mainstream attention. Diabetics have been "wearing tech" for years in the form of insulin pumps and continuous glucose sensors, but unfortunately, we've been overlooked in terms of design and interoperability. Check the hashtag #WeAreNotWaiting and #CGMInTheCloud for more information. Basically, we can't get to our own data, and our "technology" looks like a Nokia phone from 2001. It works in the sense that it delivers lifesaving medicine, but it doesn't work in terms of design, usability, user interaction, connectivity, and "openness". Everything is proprietary. Everything takes forever to update. Everything takes forever to come to a price point for people to afford (because yay American health system denying people access to pumps). That's the thing. We can't just invent wearable medical tech as a flashy thing for people with bulletproof insurance and/or heaps of money. Type 1 diabetics are in every country, and in many places, they die or suffer severe complications because they can't afford medicine and monitoring to maintain their disease.

I want this, I like this...but I want everyone to have it, not just those who can afford it.