Friday, May 15, 2015

Futurist Friday: "Us/Here" Augmented Reality

I've been mentioning Microsoft's HoloLens quite a bit in my speaking and writing--bur often I'm not sure I'm getting across what makes it so exciting.

HoloLens is an example of what Barry Joseph has dubbed "Us/Here" technology--a way of sharing holographic augments to the space you are actually in. Or, as one of my more successful attempts at synopsing the technology: it lets you and other users all interact with the same imaginary object sitting in real space. See? Hard to describe.

Until you get hold of a HoloLens to try for yourself (maybe CFM can snag one to share at next year's annual meeting!) the best way to understand its capabilities is to what videos. So that's your Futurist Friday assignment this week, watch this 2 minute video 

And start thinking about the opportunities "Us/Here" technology presents both as a tool for museum staff to use in their jobs, and to enhance the ways visitors can interact with our "here." Me, it makes my imagination race...

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simwave said...

One important footnote in the history of augmented reality is its use in television and movies. The movie industry has used computer-generated graphics to augment reality in film for a number of decades.

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