Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Mission Impossible Engineering

#FutureArchitecture #London #UrbanDensity

Follow the link in the photo caption to the associated story. You can find more glimpses of the future (and links) on CFM's Pinterest Boards.  


Sarah Sutton said...

The Dr's quote is grand: “Breakthroughs in engineering work in the same way as breakthroughs in literature, music and lifestyle – an accumulation of different discoveries (or influences) is required to create the final catalyst for a new discovery.” This is how change accelerates; hopefully it will in a green way.

The futuristic drawing does not worry me for creativity but the upside-down glass pyramid looks to me like a future funnel when the Thames gates are overmatched, and I do fear for the archaological record when London goes underground all over. Still - high marks for ingenuity. These sorts of explorations stretch our minds to find the best right paths forward.

The Alliance's Center for the Future of Museums said...

Sarah--I had the same thought about "funneling." Super-deep basements seem like a bad idea in cities like London and New York that are battling rising sea levels! But yes, points for creativity.